NLSE aims to establish a media company that encompasses inclusivity and ethics in our work, as we strive to motivate individuals to connect with one another.


Our main goal is to essentially provide personal service to the community, and create a network of individuals in the entertainment and sports industry. We work to attain truthful and reliable information for our clients in a timely manner, by connecting them to the relevant resources.


Besides our goal to focus in community and sports services, we aspire to become the leading global Sports and Entertainment Company. We hope to achieve this by accumulating a wide set of portfolio of assets and an interchangeable network of professionals and clients. With this goal, NLSE will have a global reach in the sports and entertainment industry, providing a positive influence.


Take the world’s best services for you


Here at NLSE, we understand that making legal decisions can be confusing and complex, especially if you do not have the right tools. We ensure that you get the help you need with the legal operations of your business, providing you with the essential resources to ensure that your business flourishes. NLSE’s attention to detail [...]
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Business Planning Strategy

There are many individuals who often come up with great business ideas, but have no idea on how to translate that idea into a reality. This is where NLSE comes in. NLSE’s business planning strategy services provide you with a rational, goal-oriented plan to help you set up your business. Our team will work tirelessly [...]
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More often than not, individuals enter contracts without understanding what the agreement often entails, which can be particularly detrimental to you and your brand. With the prominence of contracts in the Sports and Entertainment business, it can be particularly overwhelming for an individual to manage these commitments on their own. NLSE uses its expertise to [...]
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Crisis Management

When it comes to public relations nightmares it is best to get out ahead and be proactive as opposed to reactionary. Our team creates a powerful and personalized plan for our clients as an anticipatory step. We then take this one step further and design a communications strategy to manage any type of concerns. At [...]
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Criminal Defence

The criminal legal system is a particularly complex system to navigate, especially in instances of serious and dangerous offences. These criminal proceedings can be serious and devastating for anyone, especially for public figures, whose reputations can be damaged by allegations alone. NLSE’s experience with various sectors of law and first hand knowledge of court proceedings [...]
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The recording and broadcasting of sports activity and sports events through television, radio, and other electronic or digital platforms, as well as their licensing, contain sports rights. Each of these contain commercial values, and can, ultimately, be exploited by the owner of those rights. For instance, if you have created an independent television show, or [...]
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Endorsements & Sponsorships

We here at NLSE understand that as a new brand, you deserve the opportunity to grow your brand name. There are many ways to do just that, particularly with sponsorships. Sponsorships are a great business tool that you can use to leverage your brand. This allows businesses to pay for some or all costs involved [...]
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Film & Television

Film and Television are a large portion of the entertainment industry, which includes professional, ranging from actors, producers, directors, and many more. In recognizing the complex process of engaging in the Film and Television industry, we are able to help you navigate through the legal and management hassles you may face. We advise our film [...]
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The gaming industry has experienced exponential growth – particularly in the areas of online and social gaming. That growth has created tremendous opportunities for both industry participants and for governments seeking to benefit through sustainable, higher revenues in order to support key initiatives such as health care, education, and charitable programs. Capitalizing on these opportunities [...]
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Information Technology

Technology is now a huge factor in our society, particularly within business, as it has the ability to determine a business’ success and prominence in the online community. With this in mind, NLSE aims to help you face the challenges of the marketplace with ease, helping you stay ahead of any competition. We assist various [...]
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Intellectual Property

The most difficult parts of building a business, or even maintain one, can often begin with the seemingly simple struggles, such as picking and protecting your business’ name. NLSE provides clients with advice and guidance in regards to copyright and trademark issues that arise in connection with the creation, development and management of their intellectual [...]
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Labour & Employment

Losing your job can be life altering and can put a lot of mental and financial strain on a person. And often times when placed in such a vulnerable position, employers can cheat people out of the severance that they deserve, and settle for less than they are entitled to. NLSE ensures that you are [...]
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Licensing & Distribution

At NLSE Inc., we have access to Canada’s most experienced cross-border and international law firms, specializing in the distribution of goods and services. We work with a group of highly-specialized solution-oriented lawyers and attorneys who practice in the areas of franchise, licensing, distribution, intellectual property, and multi-level marketing. We have integrated leading-edge technology into our [...]
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NLSE Inc. maintains relationships with civil litigation practices that are focused on insurance claims, negligence, and contract disputes, along with multiple other matters. Our civil litigation lawyers provide clients with the honest, upfront advice that they need in order make choices about their legal rights and obligations. When a client chooses to pursue litigation or [...]
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Books and pictures have a way of telling intricate stories and are a different form of art, which is why it can always be exciting when your work finally has the chance of getting published, or even if you, as a publisher, find a new exciting work to publish. In order to ensure that all [...]
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