NSLE Academy believes in a child’s right to have access to education, along with the ability to engage in sports, and the opportunity to develop and pursue their ambitions and goals.

With the support of its partners and sponsors, the NLSE Academy assists in the development of community based athletic facilities, and encourages children to reach their potential through sports, educational, and recreational programs.

NLSE directly funds the administration and operating costs associated with the Academy. This ‎makes it possible for NLSE to achieve its mission to improve kids’ lives, through sports, education, and recreation.


Our vision relates to the future we wish to see for these children, as we look to impact their lives in a positive manner, through the essence of sports and the power of education.


We are looking to enhance the lives of youth by investing time and resources into each of their futures, ensuring that we provide programs and events that are aimed to empower them and help build their character.