Business Planning Strategy

There are many individuals who often come up with great business ideas, but have no idea on how to translate that idea into a reality. This is where NLSE comes in. NLSE’s business planning strategy services provide you with a rational, goal-oriented plan to help you set up your business.

Our team will work tirelessly with you, to help you develop an effective business plan, and draft relevant documents that fit your business needs. We will assist in providing financing options and guidance to our clients through the entire process, from start to finish. We also propose strategies, and prepare contracts and agreements that will protect your interests while also accomplishing your goals.

We will address the following during the strategic planning process:


Sales and Marketing Techniques

We here at NLSE Inc. understand how crucial branding is in the business and entertainment industry, which is why we work with an advanced and hands on marketing team, Digital Genie Inc., to ensure that your brand gets the exposure it needs. Digital Genie will guide you in creating your branding strategy, helping you portray yourself to the world. In addition to discussing your plan in depth, they also provide a wide variety of other services, which will be included in that plan, such as website design, set-up, and updates, along with social media branding and management, search engine optimization, and many other vital services in helping you market your business the right way. They help your advertising dreams come true!

Business Financing and Management

In addition to these services, we can advise on Equity Investments and Funding Agency Financing Agreements. With respect to loans, we can help secure financing credit facilities, as well as bank and private lender loans.

NLSE Inc. offers customized banking and financing solutions for professional athletes and entertainers. We specialize in Contract-Based Financing and Contract Advances, and offer a wide range of financial products and loans, such as loans designed exclusively for professional athletes. NLSE Inc. handles all aspects of the financing process for our clients.

Our mission is to provide better banking, and faster, cheaper lending opportunities to professional athletes. Our objective is to give these athletes a chance at qualifying for credit through their professional contracts, rather than credit history or scores, and provide low-cost loans and loan refinances.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Business Acquisitions and Due Diligence

Ensuring that you and your investors are well informed, and are adequately managing risks and opportunities.

With respect to mergers and acquisitions, we work with lawyers who have well-earned, long-standing relationships with all Canadian regulators. Our strategic management of regulatory interactions has helped clients close some of the most highly scrutinized deals in Canada. We also understand that successful transactions must be designed by taking into account the real and perceived implications that out client’s key stakeholders may face. As such, we work with clients to help them present transactions that best preserve and leverage these often critical relationships.

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