Intellectual Property

The most difficult parts of building a business, or even maintain one, can often begin with the seemingly simple struggles, such as picking and protecting your business’ name. NLSE provides clients with advice and guidance in regards to copyright and trademark issues that arise in connection with the creation, development and management of their intellectual property and business activities. We can help corporations, media companies, celebrities, and others, extend and protect their brands through licensing, sponsorship and endorsements of events, products, and services.

We help businesses determine patentability, along with helping them obtain any needed patents, in addition to ensuring that they have clear and registered trademarks. NLSE helps clients identify potential conflicts between new products and services, and third party intellectual property rights. It is also crucial for businesses to enforce their own intellectual property rights against potential infringers, and defend themselves against any competitive intellectual property infringement claims made against them. This is where NLSE Legal steps in. We ensure that you and your business are protected.

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