Labour & Employment

Losing your job can be life altering and can put a lot of mental and financial strain on a person. And often times when placed in such a vulnerable position, employers can cheat people out of the severance that they deserve, and settle for less than they are entitled to. NLSE ensures that you are given the compensation that you are warranted.

We have extensive experience advising employees and employers regarding employment related issues, and our approach is to make sure clients understand their rights and obligations, as they relate to employment legislation, such as the Employment Standards Act, and the ever-changing common law. Our employment lawyers’ goals are to ensure that our clients have been informed with as much information as possible to help them make decisions that are in their best interests. We are known for putting our client’s priorities and best interests first, as well as giving multiple solutions for complex employment law matters.

The Employment Law Services Provided at NLSE:

Wrongful Dismissal

Severance Packages

Employment Contracts

Workplace Harassment

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